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- Yangchun Kim
82 - 51 - 7220238

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This is Yang-chun Kim, CEO of Gijang Local Products Co.

All Korean are well known about Haeundae which is the most famous beach in Korea.

Along the north coastline(12Km) from Haeundae.

There's Gijang area where is famous & characterized for high quality seafood-seaweeds and sea tangles.

The sea of Gijang has a beautiful view of scene and still remains as natural itself.

Gijang local seafood has been well recognized as high quality and good taste than others 

because the cold and warm ocean currents meet near the sea of Gijang and more it is bleseed with an ideal condition

- deep water depth, low water temperature and rich sunshine-for sea foods to grow well.

By this aspect, 'Gijang Seaweed' had been presented at the King's dinner table according to 'Sejong Shilok Jiriji'

Our company's motto is 'Producing high quality products more efficiently for all customers to easily enjoy Gijang seafood'

Based on the motto to be close to customers with high quality.

Our product has been cerified from 'Marine product Quality authentication',

'Seafood History Traceability System' control certification, we have been providing to the major of Big Marts in korea-Lotte Mart/Super, Homeplus, Mega Mart, Top Mart, Gs shop.


We will do our best for all customers to easily enjoy Gijang Seafood at seafood corner,

also help customer keeping good health and beauty.


Thank you.





2010 6. Move to New Factory located in Ilgwang
  New product for 'ready to eat cold seaweed soup'
4. Pafent Registration - Mussel Seaweed Soup (#10-0954340)
2009 8. ISO 22000 : 2005 Authenitication
7. Certified as 'Clean Workplace' by the Ministry of Labor
6. Registered as Venture Company
  Open Research & Development center
2008 12. Selected as Marine Scinece & Technology development project
5. Registered as INNO-BIZ(Technology Innovation) Co. (# 8025-1152)
2. Patent Registration of new microorganism produced alginate lyase 
2007 10. Authenitication for SUCCESS DESIGN Product
6. Establish a consultant delegation for Gijang Local Product Co.
4. New products based on 'Seafood History Traceability System'
2006 11. Designated as a Leading company by Busan City (2006-11-11)
10. Designated as Good Design by government(KIDP)
2005 8. Designated as 'Brand-name product' Supplier by Busan City (No. 2005-11)
2004 7. Certified as 'Marine product Quality' by government
2003 12. Supply Agreement with Lotte Mart
11. Certificated of ISO 9001:2000
7. Supply Agreement with Home Plus
2002 7. Supply Agreement with GS Retail
5. Designated as an Representing Korean Product for the 2002 FIFA Korea-Japan World Cup
2001 5. Designated as High Quality Gijang Local food Manufacturer by loca city
2000 2. Certified as Quality Authentication by NFIS
1999 11. Supply agreement with MEGA MART
5. Estavlishing Brand name of 'Dambaeki'
1991 4. Established Gijang Local Products Co.


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